How to Choose Freight Forwarding Services Company



How to Choose Freight Forwarding Services Company

Freight Forwarding

1) Cargo Services Company have office address, official /personal contact, and relevant related website.
Make sure our shipment is handled by a freight forwarding company that have real office and we can contact them by phone, email, messenger, etc.  Make sure the freight forwarding company  that we will use have a good reputation and official licensing. We can check company's status by visit the branch/domicile. If we have no time, we could searching for related information on internet search engine. Enter the name of the cargo services company,  check related sites, social media, testimonial, etc to verified. Not a guarantee but freight forwarding company  that have a website domain (dot)co(dot)id, (dot)com are more reliable. Why? Because to get a paid domain (dot)co(dot)id required official document and licensing companies.

2) Ensure The Freight Forwarding Company have insurance guarantee.
Our shipment is an asset. Do not let these assets were damaged moreover lost. Anticipate it with using a freight forwarding service company that provides insurance coverage. Additional cost? Of course, they will charge a little more expensive than regular delivery services. But guarantee our shipment with insurance means we save our own assets.

3) Make sure The Freight Forwarding Company expert in their field, have experiences and good reputation.
Remember about the quote "Experience is the best teacher". Yes, experience is the best teacher that teaches us how to solve various problems. As well as the freight forwarding company which will deal with many stakeholder such as the airport, the port, trucking, cruises and airlines. The fact is not all freight forwarding companies have a channel to the relevant stakeholder. So, make sure the forwarding company that we will use have a lot of experiences about dealing with many stakeholder. Why? it serve to expedite the delivery process and our shipment can arrive on time and properly maintained.

4) Ensure The Freight Forwarding Services Company is supported by big company.
Freight forwarding services company certainly have business partners such as Trucking services, sea service, and air service. To make sure we can ask the name trucking, cruises, or airlines that are used by the service company.

5) Ensure The Freight Forwarding Services have a low price but not low quality.
Choosing freight forwarding services not only looking for the company with the prices they offered. Cheap price with minimal service or the price is more expensive to service the maximum.


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